A day at TeamMates looks like...

TeamMates is a sports coaching company that runs events throughout the year for children who want to have fun, improve and become better TeamMates.

About TeamMates

At TeamMates, we approach sport in a slightly different way. We focus on hard work, perseverance and fair play instead of the outcome. This allows children to maximise their development, foster a love of sport and become good TeamMates!

We have a team of amazing coaches who share our passion for providing great sports coaching. At TeamMates children love their sport  in a safe, comfortable yet challenging and competitive environment. 

Competing in a variety of sports from volleyball to 'risky frisbee', children and coaches work together to focus on developing skills and enjoying team sport. Parents can keep up to date on what's going on at TeamMates through the ClassDojo app, where photos and updates are posted.  

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