Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide refunds?

Yes, but you must claim your refund with a full week's notice. 

Do you provide discounts for siblings?

No, we have our prices set and think that they are competitive. 

Can Year 1 children attend?

YES!  We are now providing Year 1 access to our events. 

When should I pick up and/or drop off my child?

Drop off: In our summer coaching we will be ready to register your children from 08.45am. 

Pick up: In our summer coaching you will be welcome to attend our daily awards ceremony from 15.45 or you can pick up at 16.00. 

What should my child wear?

Your child should be dressed ready for indoor and outdoor activities (with sun cream applied) - we will provide them with a bib which will indicate their team for the day.

What should my child bring? 

Your child should bring: A packed lunch with a snack, a water bottle and additional sun cream!